Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Sunday in Napa

I spent Sunday with two of my best friends (and some new friends) in Napa. We stopped at 4 wineries and had a blast. The weather was warm, the sky was clear and blue, the wine was-a-flowing and the company was awesome!

We started our wine tour at Sequoia Grove. We all brought picnic-y foods ate and caught up and then tasted a few of their wines. 



 Our second stop was at V. Sattui. I didn't taste at this location because they are known for having sweeter wines and that just isn't really my thing. V. Sattui was crazy busy because they have a ton of outside seating as well as a small market and a BBQ outside. It is very kid friendly. 

Our third stop was to Sterling. At Sterling, you hop in a gondola and ride it up to the actual winery where you taste the wines and go on a little self-guided walking tour. The views were spectacular!


After Sterling we ran over to Rombauer (it was 4:30 and they closed at 5) and squeezed in a very quick tasting. I enjoy their wines and the winery grounds are beautiful. Keep in mind that if you visit this winery, the signage is very small and hard to spot if you don't know where you are going! 

After wine tasting, we headed to Oxbow Market to have dinner. We sat on the patio and at dinner and enjoyed some more drinks at the Kitchen Door while we enjoyed the setting sun. 

It was an awesome day! I can't wait for summer time so we can go more frequently!


Rebekah said...

You're making me miss Napa so much! V. Sattui was always one of my favorites. I'm a sweet wine kind of girl :) Your day looks like it was so fun!

Nina @ Flowers in my Hair said...

I miss Napaaaaaa.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You went to two of the wineries I want to visit the next time I'm up there. When we went we hit Castillo and was so tired afterwards we left. I can't wait for Sterling.